Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tips for making girlfriend

Today's life is very hectic,so everyone want enjoy with work.most of people think love is adorable because it give pleasure,so here i will provide tips for making a girlfriend.


                   TIPS OF MAKING GIRLFRIEND 

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 1 To impress a girl, First know about the girl whether she is already booked or not.

  2  IF u got positive result then go close to her  so that she can notice u.

  3 .Remember u should not look like that u r staring at her ,just give her a chance to notice u.

  4 .IF u notice by her then make a topic in your mind so that u can talk to her at least 2 to3 min, n do it.

 5 .now next day go close to her without knowing that u actually coming close to her.

 6 .Surprisingly look at her n make a smile n talk to her on any topic.

 7 .Most imp is that u make her laugh as much as u can.

 8. Getting a smile on her face is a first step to make her girlfriend because smile is sign that she is enjoying your company.

 9. Make her comfortable with u n make her safe with u because every girl want to be safe with her bf.

 10. Show her ,love as much as u can ,showing love is very imp to create feeling toward u.

 11. Spend as much time as u can,because time is most important in relationship.

 12. Usually give her some love related thing so that in free time  they make her to think about u.

 13 .Always listen her ,its not matter u r interested or not.

 14. Give a smile and positive response on every  stupid activity of her.

 15. Always make her to win argument whether u r right or wrong.

 16. Go for a long trip with her ,because usually trip make closer everyone.

 17. Never run away from her problem, try to solve her problem whether it is actual try or fake try.

 18 .Take as much as pic with her n make them as your profile picture on Facebook or whats app.

 19. Last one is that showoff as much as u can ,because every girl want dashing  smart and rich bf.